Welcome to the most disruptive event on Implant Dentistry

The JTI has become an International Event were Implantologists of the highest level meet, we changed the way of sharing knowledge with our unique, more dynamic and interactive format.

We bring together the world’s best implantologists to review the world of implantology, just like with a forum, the participants and speakers all contribute to the lectures with their involvement.

Prices for JTI2019


2for1 ticket

Price 2for1: 798 €

Early bird 2for1: 399 €


1 Ticket

Price 399 €

Early bird ticket 379 €


Cigomatics Workshop

Only 23 Seats

Early bird ticket 319 €


Oseodensification Workshop

Only 8 Seats

Early bird ticket 319 €

On our last edition tickets sold 2 months before JTI, we had attendees from USA, South America, Asia and Europe. Obviously a new way of sharing knowledge was needed. You will learn from the best speakers, and for the very first time you will hear them sharing all their knowledge.

Book your ticket and join the event that has changed the way of sharing implantology through courses and worldwide congresses


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